The Weekly Ten: January 22, 2017.

The Weekly Ten Spotify Playlist

Anyone else need a breather after the past week? *raises hand*

I was making the trek from Omaha to Lincoln yesterday, which seemed like the 6th time I had done that this week, the sun was shining, and I was JAMMING in my car. I mean straight-up, belting-the-words-and-turned-up-so-loud-you-can’t-really-understand-the music-in-my non-tinted-windowed-car-and-not caring-if-anyone-saw kind of jamming. Sometimes you need it. A solo 45 minute afternoon drive to just decompress after a long and exhausting week.

I missed last weekend’s playlist, but don’t worry! (I’m sure you were all super concerned) I’m back at it this weekend. I’ll be updating the original playlist with new songs each week so you don’t have to follow a new playlist. With that being said, make sure to ‘Save’ any songs you like before the end of the week. 🙂 Or! I have created an archive playlist that will hold all songs from every week so you can go back and listen to all of your favorite Weekly Ten songs in one spot.

This week includes some new discoveries, a song from the beautiful Lumineers concert we attended this week, a European club banger and some folk. I like to arrange my playlists in a specific order, so if you’re interested in hearing how I like the music to flow, listen to it with shuffle mode off. 🙂

Remember, leave me a line if you listened or have recommendations. Enjoy!

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